About CAMP KEMO Programs

Did you know that 1 in 285 Children will be diagnosed with cancer and that only 4% of all government research monies go to pediatric cancer research?

For 40 Years, CAMP KEMO has been there for children with cancer and their families.

CAMP KEMO Programs is a variety of psychosocial programs that were developed to meet the needs of patients, siblings, and parents who face the challenges created by cancer and blood disorders.

These programs help to alleviate some of the stress associated with a life threatening illness by providing a variety of fun, educational and therapeutic opportunities. 

Camp KEMO Programs serves roughly 800 patients and family members each year.

The Friends of CAMP KEMO Programs (The Campfire Kids) is a 501c3 charity that is dedicated to raising awareness about CAMP KEMO Programs and all that they do in and around our community. We also actively fundraise on their behalf in order to ensure that they are able to continue to offer all current programs and continue to grow their programs in order to provide the children and families they serve well into the future.

Terms to Know

Summer Camp

Whether cancer or a blood disorder, summer camp provides children an opportunity to simply be children by participating in fun activities in a safe, medically supervised setting. Through these unique camping experiences children are able to build confidence, be children, and relationships with children sharing similar experiences. 

Camp KEMO, our flagship program, is a weeklong summer camp experience for children with cancer and their siblings. 

Camp Burnt Gin– This camp provides a unique opportunity for our patients with Sickle Cell Disease, Hemophilia and other blood disorders to enjoy a week of fun with children just like themselves. 

Teen Programs

Lasting Impressions, a cancer support group, and S.T.A.R. a sickle cell support group, provide adolescents a chance to share thoughts and feelings about their illness in a supportive and caring setting. Through weekend retreats the goal is to help these teens realize that they are not alone in their journey and that they can still have fun despite a life threatening illness. Camp KEMO Programs believes in providing supportive social outlets for teens with cancer and blood disorders. Whether they are on or off therapy, the support of other teens through Camp KEMO Programs becomes an extension of their immediate family.

Family Programs

Whether it is through family picnics, camps, dinners or sibling events these programs provide the foundation and opportunity for fellowship and support amongst families experiencing similar life threatening diagnoses. Bringing families together in a safe, fun environment helps to build relationships that are sustained far outside the walls of the hospital. 

Family programs include: 

G.R.A.C.E. Dinner– Gather. Relax. And. Come. Eat. And evening of fellowship for our on therapy families

Family Weekend– A weekend family retreat for family’s diagnosed in the last two years 

MomCology- A support group for mothers of oncology patients

Sibling Sidekicks –Offers an opportunity for siblings of patients to learn more about the treatment of cancer and blood disorders and the facility where their sibling is treated. 

Holiday Helpings and Hope– A holiday adoption program for our on therapy and chronic transfusion patients and their families. 

Sickle Cell Family Picnic – A day of fun and fellowship for our families with Sickle Cell Disease

Hospital Programs

Providing programming directly to patients and families while in the hospital or at the clinic helps to reduce the impact cancer and blood disorders have on a child’s life. 

Journey of Courage provides a fun way for children to tell their stories by using unique and colorful beads to symbolize different steps of their treatment

Toy Box program rewards children and adolescents for cooperating with treatment. Following necessary medical procedures, patients are given coupons that can be redeemed for prizes or gift cards from our toy box. We are always appreciative of monetary or new toy donations to keep the toy boxes filled with surprises.

School Support helps reduce the impact cancer or a blood disorder can have on a child’s classroom performance. This program offers educational support and helps pave the road for children to have a successful school experience while managing their illness. 

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation and Surveillance- Annual psychosocial check-in for all patients, screening for neurodevelopmental conditions, and early childhood, psycho-educational, and neuropsychological services. 

Mental Health Consultation – Brief interventions, referral to quality outpatient care and routine follow up with both oncology and blood disorder patients and families. 

Behavioral Pain management –Intensive psychology engagement in both inpatient and outpatient settings focusing on patient/family education and pain coping skills.

Bereavement Programs 

The loss of a loved one is a challenging time for a family. These programs offer an opportunity to revisit wonderful memories of their child’s life and to connect with other bereaved families. 

Camp New Horizons is a weekend camp for children who have lost a brother or sister to cancer or a blood disorder. Through sharing their experience with children who have the same concerns, it is hoped that each child will gain strength as well as encouragement to deal with the task of mourning

Children from seven hospitals in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia participate in this unique camp. 

Remembrance Dinner honors and remembers patients with cancer or a blood disorder that have passed away in the last year through a special ceremony for family, friends, and hospital staff. 

Last wishes provide special opportunities for patients and families to make memories as a child nears end of life. 

Funeral Support When a family loses a child to cancer or a blood disorder, funeral expenses can be difficult to overcome. CAMP KEMO Programs provides financial assistance to our families in need.